"Psychology was a natural vehicle to make a difference, and Congress is another way."

One Odette lesson that I have, after being with so many survivors, is that I would have to take climate action a bit more seriously. Although I subscribe to the overall idea of climate activists such as Greta Thurnberg, I did not fully understand their sense of urgency and the impassioned stance they share with other advocates around the world. Post-Odette, I believe I empathize with them better. I wish to take our Odette experience beyond empathy knowing that climate action now is not actually just for the good of the Earth. Our very survival depends on it. You and I and the future generations depend on what steps we take towards climate action NOW.


Interacting with everyone will help you know yourself better and I believe that this is a good way to develop one’s identity and the maturity growth of an individuals and awareness

William Salvidas (Biography)

Mr. William Salvidas is a 35 years old man and was born on February 11, 1986. He lived in San Manuel, Lala, Lanao del Norte, and also his birthplace. He was living with his family; he is married and has three children, one boy and two girls. Before he was imprisoned, he worked as a construction worker.

In his early life, he began his vices when he was 21 years old, and his circle of friends at the time taught him and encouraged him to engage in such unethical activities, and he was still unmarried at the time. His vices, according to him, were taking illegal drugs, gambling, and being a heavy drinker. He continued his vices even when he had a family to raise. As he remarked, possessing those vices made his life unpleasant; his money was devoted solely to his vices, while his family suffered. So, at the age of 32, he decides to change his way of life because he realizes it isn’t beneficial for him or his family.

He was arrested with drugs on October 24, 2020, and was imprisoned for three weeks and paid for the consequences. As he explained, the circumstance was just a trap because someone was envious of him, and he was also a drug surrenderee or on the drugs watch list. He stated that he had made a significant transformation at that time. After being imprisoned for months, he decided to join the laity, or “layko.” It is to serve God. He also gives counsel/advices to others he knows who use drugs in order to encourage them to change and return to trusting and believing in God.

CHAMPION: Individual who champions the cause of those who have had trouble caring, connecting, and coping because of the negative outcomes of the deviance of substance use.


Edlice Abad, 17 years old she is a high school student from Surigao del Norte. She is the eldest of five siblings. She comes from an incomplete family. Her parents are separated, and she is also separated from her siblings.  When she was young, she was just wandering around, influenced by bad gangs, and she joined a group that, for her, was good for herself. Since she joined a group there, she learned to drink alcohol, to taste cigarettes. According to her there she saw hardship, bitterness, pain without parents to care and love. When she was addicted to hanging out, drinking, smoking, and sometimes even using drugs. She has lost hope of living and changing her life with the whole family. In other words, she was rehabilitated, and the course of her life gradually changed because of the nuns who guided her. 

When the nuns adopted her, that is when her life began to change. She was given the opportunity to study. She currently works part-time for a non-governmental organization, assisting those in difficult situations, particularly the homeless. One of the people they helped is living in the Chinese cemetery. Because of the hardships of life, they don’t have the ability to buy daily necessities. They provide social services, food, and information about holdings for them. Sometimes they encounter moody clients who ask for money for their wishes, like when they want to buy a cellphone. The techniques for dealing with their clients are always long-term, and they need to control their emotions so that they don’t hurt their moody clients. They provide social services, food, and information about holdings for them. 

She took one of her sisters and they were to be studied by the nuns. While she works with the nuns, she is given an allowance of 1500 per month. The allowance she receives, she collects and sends to his siblings. Her siblings are with her mother and the money she sends is only for her siblings and is not given to her mother because it is only used for gambling. The size of her family is different from children who have parents who take care of them and love them. Abad was a child who was able to successfully face life’s trials even without parents who cared for her and loved her. 


Edice Abad is 20 years old right now, and she is studying for a Bachelor of Science in social work this coming year. She is from broken family. She now lives with the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters. She still has no idea where the nuns who will educate her, will study her.


  She works at the nuns’ foundation and she gives a session to the residents of the Chinese cemetery to inform the people especially the young people that there is no good in the use of substances. He stands by his advocacy Volunteering for a local group working to bring awareness to reduce substance use. She also helps nuns provide feeding to the homeless every Friday. s


Her success story is that she overcame all trials, problems in her life even without her parents to guide her. Because of his resilience and courage, he has helped many especially those who are addicted to the use of substance use. He also helped his siblings with daily needs by sending money from his allowances. Many support his advocacies including the nuns.


That photo belonged to our interviewee and that photo was when they gave a talk to the residents of the Chinese cemetery. At that time, she also gave her talk about being aware of the use of substances.


Name of the Champion: Marilou Gallarde, RSW

Contact Number/s:

Sun – 09227372787

Globe – 09774295320

Marilou Gallarde is a registered social worker based in Cebu. She is a daughter of a farmer (father) and a housewife (mother).  Mrs. Gallarde is 52-years old and a mother of two children namely Marc Terence Gallarde and Mariah Grace Gallarde.  She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Social Work at St.  Theresa’s College of Cebu. She graduated as an academic scholar of the Social Development Program or SDP. Mrs. Gallarde champions the vision of helping women and different people in the community.  She advocates for human rights protection for the vulnerable sectors. Mrs. Gallarde used to work and advocate in a non-government organization (NGO), the World Hope International, for women who are survivors of abuse and online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC). Most of her experiences is affiliated with and involve helping women who are victims of VAWC (Violence Against Women and Children). At present, she is now working in Cordova Cebu Social Welfare Office.  She is in charged of the training and development of the Local Government Unit in Cordova.  Here are some photos of Mrs. Gallarde working with different people in the community during the Prevention Program with The Salvation Army in Lapu Lapu City.

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Abenadel A. Lopecillo, RSW


Contact Number: 09294025185

  No description available.

Abenadel A. Lopecillo is a Cebu-based Registered Social Worker. She belong to an air force family. Her sister and brother are currently in active duty as airmen. Her father is a retired air force. Her desire is to follow their footsteps in serving our country with utmost love and commitment as part of the Philippine Air Force. 

She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Social Work at Saint Theresa’s College of Cebu. She is currently finishing her masteral studies in Social Work at the University of Southern Philippines Foundation, Inc.

From the year 2002 to 2009 she organized four barangays to help spread advocacy on the harmful effects of child labor to society especially to the children. Provided opportunities for the assisted working children to become child’s rights advocates along with their parents and community. Organized union leaders/ line leaders to become Family Planning/ Maternal Child Health Care advocates in the three partner companies of OPTIONS, Inc. namely LEAR Corporation. Mehitabel, Inc and Capiz Shell Phils based in Cebu.

She is currently employed as a Social Welfare Officer I at Camp Lapu-Lapu Station Hospital. 


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Age                                      :  38

Address                             : Sta. Cruz, Liloan Cebu

Sex                                       : Male

Civil Status                        : Single

Religion                               : Roman Catholic

Citizenship                        : Filipino

Occupation                       : PNP Officer

Occupation Address     : MCPO, A. Soriano Ave. Brgy. Centro, Mandaue City 


However, even if people were able to avoid this disease, some people were not able to protect their mental health. The team observed an increase in different cases, such as suicide— a committed suicide. Loneliness, anxiety, and depression have increasingly evolved. Thus, in this scenario, police officer Inoc provided the 25 push-up challenge to raise awareness for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for every Filipino to heal, recover, and rebuild amidst a pandemic. This challenge was brought through social media outlets since, way back then, people were not allowed to be in crowded places. This challenge involves the goal of reaching as many people as possible and hoping that by doing this, people can build awareness for anyone suffering from a mental illness. The movement believes in their golden statement, “you are not alone and we are here for you. Stay fit, tuloy ang laban, kapit lang. Reach out to your loved ones if you’re feeling lonely.

At this moment, police officer Inoc is still continue doing these physical activities, but this time he is doing them with the young standby in his community. He eventually plays volleyball every two days off with them and let these young folks participate in order for them to not get involved in any other illegal groups, vices, and so on. Lastly, a boarder control checkpoint and a community pantry were also said to be done by the team.

 Success Story

Police Staff Sergeant (PSSgt.) Inoc was able to finish and succeed in the 25 push-up challenge to raise awareness for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder amidst the pandemic. He was also able to spread this challenge and goal to his neighbourhood and co-workers. For the past year, even if mental illness is not able to be eradicated completely, at least for the moment, he was able to show commitment in helping, recovering, and rebuilding individuals from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused many social deviations.

Moreover, the sports activities— one of which is volleyball, were still continued in the process as the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) team allowed the community to have physical involvement. However, this activity should be done only in each one community. Lastly, as observed there has been an increase in individuals participating in sports activities as well as people who support this movement.

 Champion in Action

  1. The team conducted stricter and stringent protocols, an information drive, boarder control checkpoint and a community pantry.
  2. Police Staff Sergeant (PSSgt.) Inoc started his 25 push-up challenge to raise awareness for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder through his social media account.

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Xevier Sandot knows that successful students become successful adults.  Xevier Sandot is a professional teacher teaching at Sacred Heart Ateneo de Cebu. Xevier specializes in Filipino subjects and is responsible for educating students on learning Filipino subjects because it is the spirit of the national identity… Xevier is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Xevier is an inspiring leader since he is the president of the St. Therese parish youth coordinating council. He has made projects that help people and especially children to have a better life. 

Contact Information: 

Xevier P. Sandot – 09235274640

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Mafe Novelle Auman

24 years old 

November 02, 1996


Mafe Novelle Auman, is a licensed professional teacher who currently dedicating her life as an educator in Lusaran National High School. She graduated in one of the most competent university in the Philippines, the Cebu Normal University taking up the Bachelor of Secondary Education in Physical Education and Sports. At the moment, she is taking her Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Sports in Cebu Technological University and is looking forward on accomplishing the milestone. 

Auman has been a youth volunteer since her elementary days and is actively involved in creating change in her community. She is a member of Cebu City Youth Task Force Development for two years and is now closely working and supporting every SK activities in her baranggay. Due to her active involvement in her baranggay, several authority figures have persuaded her to run for a position and widen her campaign by being a baranggay official. However, she humbled herself and chose to remain where she was. She is known for being well-spoken, artistic, and sympathetic person. Her principles evolve in the idea of “Give everyone the benefit of the doubt”, for she believed that everyone is capable of changing and improving their lives. She also put emphasis on the importance of possessing a non-judgmental attitude and compassion in her field as a teacher, advocate, and a volunteer. 

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