Clearance Services / ₱1500.00

Companies, immigration, public offices and agencies, and schools can require employees, travelers, service users, and students to go through a psychological evaluation to clear or certify them for certain activities, programs, or projects. RBEPS provides respectful, balanced, excellent, persevering, and sustainable clearance services to move you forward quickly. Get to where you want to be whether that is in a foreign country, an exchange program, or a university. Attain what you wish to happen whether that’s traveling with your companion animal or preparing for a licensure examination.

Forensic Services / ₱750.00

Legal questions concerning motivation, personality or character, deviance, consciousness, and development, to name a few, find themselves intersecting with psychology. Already challenging, they become more complicated as a function of the disciplines’ unique perspectives, approaches, and methodologies and the ways these cross with micro, mezzo, and macro ideals, beliefs, and values. RBEPS unpacks this service so that it is comprehensible for legal and paralegal professionals and their clients, leading them up a path to discern their truth in the light of psychological understanding.

Adoption Services / ₱9000.00

Adopters are people who want to share their lives with another– the adoptee. Being their second, third, or nth chance at attaining a happier and fulfilling life, RBEPS understands what is at stake for all parties involved. More than just a determination of fitness, the process of evaluation for adoption takes on a persons-in-environment approach to recommend stepping stones towards service users achieving Quality of Life and wellbeing.

Nullity Services / ₱25000.00

Individuals can suffer in toxic, unworkable, and dysfunctional relationships. When they do because of their own or a partner’s psychological incapacity, RBEPS’ nullity services can help them become “precious and free” again through evaluations for prayers for nullity filed with the courts, assessment for persons who have been affected by the hurtful and destructive union, and treatment for those who, having suffered as they have, wish to break from poisonous habits, eroding programming, and neurotic or borderline level psychic organizations that underlie behaviors harmful to self and others.

Research / ₱2000.00

Research is always seen as a means, never an end in itself. In this sense, RBEPS prioritizes applied research, or at the very least, studies that have real, ecological impact. These endeavors are never ―case close when they are written, published, or consumed in some way. The forest grows back and resources are renewed. In the same way, research findings, recommendations, results, and conclusions should renew our vision and
understanding of human behavior, thinking, and feeling.

Advising and Supervision / Starting at ₱2,000

RBEPS support the overall growth of the profession and its allied disciplines by nurturing future mental health workers. Advising and supervision are non-directive, nonjudgmental, and are meant to de-ideologize advisees or supervisees. The experience is
also multi-layered or multi-tiered so that there is technically no one supervisor but nested levels of supervising that finds its way down from (not for) the individuals that the advisee comes in contact with.

Teaching and Training / ₱2000.00

From the beginning of the learning moment, teaching is done via doing. Teaching-by-doing is a hands-on, hands-off approach. That is, the learners are immersed in the learning moment and the would-be-teacher detaches him or herself from the process, confident that the dance between the learner and the teaching moment will unravel into natural and spontaneous steps of change. RBEPS specializes in learning-by-doing, and CLUED and
integrative learning.

Counseling and Psychotherapy / ₱750.00

Psychotherapy begins with presence. Everything else evolves from that point. In many cases, the presence of the psychotherapist and the client is played out in a 50-minute session in the clinic. However, perforce, sessions can happen virtually (e.g., online,
telephone), in a public setting, or a semi-private area for a short period of 15 to 30 minutes or a lengthy double session (i.e., about 2 hours). A session is valued at 750 Php. Sessions are made for individuals and not the other way around. A wide array of therapy formats are available.

Testing and Assessment / ₱350.00

Testing and assessment are like a surgeon‘s tools. They are useful only insofar as they heal and fix the body. Testing is also done so that they are kept at the barest minimum to necessitate treatment, like a doctor choosing the least invasive procedures. RBEPS specializes in observational and informal assessment. This is driven by the belief that metrics lose their power when they are distanced from the observed phenomena or subject.

Consultation and Collaboration / ₱750.00

Mental health can be a gray area for many of us. Consultation with RBEPS’ mental health professionals (i.e., psychologist, psychometricians, counselors, and mental health workers) can help in clarifying issues and concerns that help you chart your course towards healing and wellbeing. Consultations often interface with concerns that are traditionally understood to be within the purview of psychiatry, forensics, medicine, and law. The expansive background of RBEPS mental health workers will help you find your way through this morass.

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