This is a study titled Exploring Filipino Therapists’ Experiences on Vagueness in Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy During the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are seeking to understand the psychologists’ perspectives and experiences in therapy with the shift of setting brought by the pandemic.

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Rose Anne Nacorda · June 15, 2022 at 12:54 am

1. The concepts that were given in the context of sikolohiyang pang-industriya focused on how psychological services, particularly assessment, may assist employees to manage stress, maintain and develop mental health, and cope with job pressures, hassles, and work disruptions. For example, employees benefit from workplace counseling in several ways. First, access to trained counselors is simple. Second, a safe place for them to discuss about their issues Third, assisting employees in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves. Fourth, developing or enhancing coping abilities. Fifth, creating practical solutions to difficulties. Sixth, learning to see things from a different viewpoint and with a more positive outlook (Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP, 2017).

In terms of sikolohiyang pang organisasyon, it highlights the various ways or practices of each organization. For example, the RBE Psychological Services employees discussed their experiences in dealing with patients, administering psychological services, and formulating psychological evaluations. The clinic staff also emphasized the need of reviewing the materials and taking notes in completing psychological evaluations. As a psychology student, I also said that when giving psych materials, it’s critical that we have a positive attitude toward test takers and encourage them to be truthful with their responses for the benefit of everybody. It’s also crucial to follow the psychologist’s code of ethics.

Furthermore, having a conversation about the nature of psychology and how it may benefit society is extremely helpful. It expands my knowledge of psychologist’s responsibilities and the steps to become a good psychologist in the future.

2. COVID-19 has accelerated the trend toward telecommuting (Guyot and Sawhill, 2020). Employees and employers, as well as health staff and clients, benefited from it. Making use of the internet and other technology in reaching out to clients will make the employee’s jobs easier. Their work will be less stressful because they will be able to work from home. Clients also benefit from telecommuting since it allows them to have easy access to health services and purchase essential products. They can contact the staff or schedule an appointment through various social media sites. In addition, Barbuto et al. (2020) identified a number of advantages of telecommuting, including increased efficiency and lower workplace costs for employers, increased employee productivity and well-being, and improved environmental stewardship.

On the other hand, after watching the interview regarding face-to-face therapy vs virtual therapy. I acquired remarkable concepts from the point of view of the Head of RBE Psychological Services. First, he stated that there are no differences between online and personal therapy since he focuses or concentrates on auditory input during face to face or virtual sessions like what the client is saying rather than focusing on visual input. Second, it is important to meet the clients or patients based on their preferences whether physically or virtually and for those who have preferences for security and confidentiality they would advise or encourage them to use their system. Third, we must consider the quality of the interaction, the development of trust between people, the reality, and the genuineness of the presence between them. To put it another way, you don’t have to pretend to be someone else to develop trust; you just have to be yourself. Being yourself allows the other person in the session to be herself or himself. The healing process begins when you have each other. Fourth, he doesn’t pressure or pushes clients to answer questions or know what the answers are because we all have moments when we don’t know what to say. Fifth, it is critical that you accomplish what you are doing now with your whole being.


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